Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Is nothing Sacred!?!?!?!

Incredible busy at the moment but I HAD to POST about this.


Buffy without Joss is like life without chocolate. . .


I just don't understand why they would touch that series. It's perfect as it is.

Don't touch my Childhood!!!

Why don't the just make another firefly movie instead (with Joss!!!) which would make Joss fans actually happy!!

God, the movie/tv gods just love to step on Joss Whedon alot - no matter what he does and how amazing his writing and stories are - they are cancelled or (now) rebooted :(

Emily is not a happy camper. I just know in my bones that they are going to twilightise/vampire diarify it into something completely unoriginal.

Time to rewatch the Buffy box set me thinks. . . then the angel one. . . then a bit of firefly and serenity. . . then a bit of dollhouse too.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nice Ad!

Have to say I really like this ad. Makes one very proud :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Come on & Let me Flow!


Another one of those lovely buzz words that make you want to weep over your shiny laptop.

I definitely put it up there with Voice, as an undefinable term. And just like voice, it's ever so important.

Doesn't it just want to make you scream? Yet another thing to be 'aware' of when you write.

Well, for me I've been pondering 'flow' since I began to 'try' and 'write' my first chapter for a competition (due THIS Saturday - eek!). It's only 3,000 words and I'm roughly half way there, but I'm just not happy with it. There are moments of flow, don't get me wrong (or maybe this is voice?) - but then there are parts where it feels like I've made a mistake playing the piano - I've included too many beats in the bar and everything sounds obvious, flat and amateurish.

To hear 'Flow', you have to read your work aloud (or in your head). When the Flow is gone, you see the words on the page. You remember you're reading writing and awake from the spell. My writing reads like writing - it does not read like a story.

I equate this with - if it looks easy to do, it's been done right, while my writing looks like I worked it to death.

(God, I hope the judges don't read this).

Anyhoo I'm not a perfectionist normally. But I think I'm really starting to be one when it comes to the auld writing. Which isn't necessarily bad, but is driving me absolutely nuts because nothing seems good enough.

Definitely amateur sums it up.

So i think there is a hard slog in front of my Ladies and Gents, because I might be sorta able to write but am I able to tell a story?

So, Santa, if you're listening - I'd really like to be a professional writer/storyteller for Christmas :) and maybe throw in a literary agent and publishing deal too while your at it :)

Thanks for listening to my moaning!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Beautiful Bag Giveaway!!!!

Things have been insane busy lately. I cannot wait for December!!

Anyhoo, my wonderful friend Blaithin, has her own bag company/boutique called 'Cute Rage'. Now, I have about four of her beautiful bags - they're all handmade, funky and able to fit a good bit on a night out for a clutch!!

Cutie Rage is having a BAG GIVEAWAY over on her facebook page!

Here are some of the droolworthy pics:

To enter all you have to do is leave a comment on one of the photos of the bag on CUTIE RAGES facebook page (link above)!

Don't comment here to enter the comp!

The Giveaway is international so anyone can enter.

Best of luck to everyone!

Normal programming of this blog will commence at the end of this month.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

DarkShines: Favourite Sentence Snippets

I'm working away on chapter 1 of DarkShines - It's alot of work, but after making ten drafts of the first two paragraphs, changing the structure and getting lots of feedback - it STILL feels HACK!?!

Anyhoo, always the optimist (yeah right) there are some lines which I thought *fair deuce* (and have probably been written before). Still I thought I might be nice to post the odd one here and see what your thoughts are (or not).

Hell, I might even make this a weekly meme thing that others can part take in. Post a sentence from your WIP. Get some traffic going, without 'publishing' or giving away too much.

Let me know if you're interested awesome readers?

Back to the point, Here is my first snippet [but not the opening line]:

"She was finally beginning to realise something was wrong. They always did in the end. But it was always too late.
She was dead – she just didn’t know it yet."

Hope you enjoyed that - short and sweet :)

P.S. Why am I so cheerful? Because I've moved (yesterday) away from the evil one and into a lovely new place (which needs to be bleached aka Domestosised) where I can still see my lovely tree and even have a balcony now. Wahoo! Lesson learnt - life's too short to put up with someone elses drama or passive aggressiveness!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

A bit of an update

Things have been a little insane in RL at the moment. I have so much work to do that I've taken to yelling at my laptop everytime I hear the 'bing' of a new email :)

See this is what procrastination and a summer of watching BBC classics gets you!

Writing wise I'm trying to meet the deadline for the competition (don't know if I mentioned it before). It's a contest by Inkwell for best 1st chapter (and your WIP doesn't have to be complete) and prize is winning an author page on the Inkwell website and some euros :)

I tell ya this first chapter will be the death of me. I posted snippets up on AW for feedback. I have to say, the people over there are wonderful and theadvice they've given me is invaluable. It really makes you realise that you're only a cog in the wheel when it comes to the development of a novel.

So at the moment I'm rewriting the 1,500 words I'd written already - I think what everyone said (including the queen beta, my mother) was dead on and even in the back of my mind I knew about the faults of the work myself - it's good though to get second opinion and even better to get suggestions on how to fix it.

If I don't win the competition (obviously I'm not goint to, as it will be struggle to get it done by deadline November 20th) I might, if people are interested, post snippets of it up?

Anyhoo better go, work (that's not writing) to be done.

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