Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Arse is firmly back in the chair

What am I on about?

Well it's a little thing called 'Butt-in-chair' writing, which I often read about but never really subscribed to - as often for me the BIC would turn into the SIS (stare-into-space) resulting in BWP (Blank-white-paper).

Jaysus, enough with the acronyms!

Lately though especially with DarkShines I've been doing the BIC and I'm really surprised at the results!

So today, after a two week hiatus of helping first years and working on RL crap, I met and went beyond my daily word count. Now, I'm not one for word counts but considering the sheer drivel which is my rough draft, it's a good way to keep me going. So I'm well over the 17,000 mark now, and my aim is to complete this rough draft by Halloween (around 60k)

To anyone out there, who is a procrastinator like myself, I highly recommend the BIC approach because it's relatively painless - 500 words a day (I started with this) and before you know it you've a decent sized draft. Unlike my other approach which was the 'I'll do it later when I'm . . . ' which resulted in zero words.

Another good idea (i'm full of them today aren't I - easy know I'm procrastinating from real work) which I've discovered is like a fine wine, (cringe at metaphor) your wip needs to breath. I outlined DarkShines but now it's changed alot as a result of just writing the rough draft. I've new characters, twists, tightening and improvement of different areas etc. Everytime I rethink something, it feels stronger for it. So my advice (similar to PhD) is don't sweat the outline too much, your wip is going to change and continue to change right up to the point it's on a bookshelf - so let it breath and be flexible!

So just enjoy the ride - I am :)


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Testing, 1, 2, 3

Just testing my signature :)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

What do you think?

Well, what do you think of the amazing makeover!!

I have to give a HUGE THANK YOU to Rachel of Parajunkee Designs- would you believe I only contacted her Friday and by Sunday she created and installed this wonderful template!

I absolutely love it - its like she read my mind and put in exactly what I wanted and couldn't convey properly into the most visual and beautiful form.

I'm so happy about this!!

So, it goes without saying that I highly recommend Parajunkee Designs if you want really professional job:


Saturday, September 25, 2010

I'm so excited!!

The Facelift is coming. . . This blog is going to beautified very very soon!!!


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wear Sunscreen!

Brilliant video - not about actual sunscreen

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Diversity in DarkShines. . . am I clueless?

I've been doing a lot of thinking about DarkShines lately, especially in regards to the characters. In a recent post on Writer's Chronicle Blog, my friend Jen posted about Diversity - which was really apt because I've run into this issue with DarkShines.

At the moment, I am at the stage where many of my characters just have a name, age, and maybe a rough idea of their personality. I feel once I attach a face to the name (which is usually a model for me rather than 'the character' e.g. sometimes I use expressions of actors to make the process more visual to me of how character will react etc.) I have a more concrete grasp on the character.

Recently I was looking up pictures for my main characters, when I came across a picture of an actress of Nigerian and Russian descent. And BAM, I knew this was Chloe, the exact same way I knew one of the main characters was gay. But now I wonder and worry - not about my decision because I know deep down that this is Chloe and this is Michael, but there is a weight attached to these characters now, which I'd never considered before.

I guess I'm just throwing my thoughts out there to the blogosphere because I feel a little out of depth, as I've seen so many people write about diversity and challenges of writing about other ethnic groups etc. but maybe I'm being VERY naive but I know who Chloe and Michael is, can't I write them as they are? Can't I treat Chloe and Michael the way I treat every other character? Isn't their skin colour and sexual orientation just a part of who they are, but is not the whole of who they are? Why should these characters be treated differently? If I think of Chloe and Michael as individuals with loves, hates, desires and fears aren't I being true to them anyway?

Am I being stupid and naive about this? People say write what you know, but my stomach actually twists at the thought of changing these characters. I really feel this is who they are.

I guess I just need to push this out of my mind and write the characters for who they are. . .

But any thoughts/comments/advice please share!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


So I notice I've hit 86 followers (wahooo - thank you everyone!) - to be honest, on this blog (cause I'm shameless with the other ones) I've never really recruited followers.

THAT doesn't mean I don't love having them though, especially you wonderful people who comment :)

So this is for you, lovely readers and commenters:

The perfect ending for avatar!!

This website is sooooo addictive

MWAH xxxx

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Slow but Steady. . .

So I was making huge progress with rough draft of DarkShines up to about a fortnight ago. Definitely a lot has to be said for the BIC (Butt-in-chair) technique. I'm well over 16k which probably doesn't seem like a lot but is more than I often end up writing.

Over the past fortnight, due to real-life fun (yeah right - i use 'fun' ironically here) I haven't written a word. But I'm feeling very positive. I have to say this whole writing a book in reverse is great - sometimes difficult - as when you decide to change something, you realise you'll have to change it in following chapters in rewrite - but overall I think I've found my way of writing. It's a great way to prevent yourself from a] over thinking your writing b] not finishing because you have finished the end, now you just have do the beginning.

At the moment the rough draft (RD- i call it this because it's utter crap) is really like a very detailed outline - half the time I just tell rather than show, as I know I'm going to be just using this draft as a guide for writing the first draft (the first of many).

Funny thing is (and i know i won't be saying this when I have to rewrite) I'm really looking forward to writing the first proper draft of DarkShines - as I'm really excited about the story. Over the weekend, I didn't do much writing but I did do some thinking. There were some kinks in my story around chapter 9-10 section (and more to come) but I think I've sorted them out and now my story doesn't sound contrived/deus ex machina but makes sense! The characters as well seem to becoming more real and complex - as I write this rough draft elements and layers I never saw coming are being revealed and I actually feel that if I do this right (which is a big 'if' with my writing) I'm going to have something really good. I just hope that I have the skills to do the story justice now.

But yeah, I never (and still don't - no offence) get what people mean about 'characters' talking to them. At the moment, I feel like I'm more of a psychologist/actress. As I write, I think of the motives of each character separately, then I put myself in their shoes, which is hard (and is going to be harder) especially when you put yourself into the mind of the antagonist (who I like to think of as someone who is weak, not bad - or at least was weak enough to be pushed into doing horrible things).

I definitely think that although I hope to get the rough draft done by October (which will be pushing it as things are INSANE BUSY at the moment). I know that my first and subsequent drafts are going to be slow, but hopefully steady and good.

So wonderful readers and 'leavers of comments', are you slow and steady all the way through? or are you fast on the first, slow on the second or just one of those wonderful people who can turn a polish manuscript out in 6 weeks?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

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