Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Decluttering for the New Year

I know that i should be going on about my resolutions for the year, but i'm not because they are the same as last years (and remain incomplete) - feel free to click the label 'resolutions', for the thrilling read ;)

Cluttered mind = cluttered space

I've heard this saying a thousand times during my life, lets just say i'm not 'neat' and leave it at that, shall we?

So, instead of making more lists of things that shall never be done - i've decided to declutter my virtual space.

Be gone Twitter

Be gone Facebook

Soon to be gone fanfiction accounts (which have been plagarised till the cows come home - aw the irony!)

Soon to be gone 'psych student' blog, which never got started but looks so pretty (i had such great ideas for this one, but i don't have the time to maintain her, aw well).

and of course Adieu 2009, you haven't been that bad of a year (for me)

See you all in 2010!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Xmas Everybody!!

Thank you to everyone who has commented, looked at and send awards to this blog. You've all been amazing and kind!

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New year

Monday, December 21, 2009

Thank you and there is a change in the wind. . .

I know i know, unplug week (aw well)

First, I want to thank everyone for their wishes, hugs and best of lucks in regards to my interview! You've all been so kind :)

Secondly, since i've gotten the good news or the indication of good news (prior to the official announcement) i've felt a sort of shift in gears in regards to my writing. It's very strange, like a change of attitude, or something?

As many of you know for the past 6-8 months i've had horrible writer's block - (both type 1 & 2) and no matter what i've tried (52/12; read more; prompts; change to pen/paper) nothing has happened. Obviously this has been stressing me out and has been really frustrating as i've had plenty of time lately to get stuck into writing but nothing to show for it!

So, back to this sort of subtle epiphany which was a sort of moment as in (please bear in mind i've been doing alot of Freud lately with first years - not a great lover of freud tbh);

The Usual exchange

Emily (concious): OMG, what am i ever going to do?!?! I can't write, I can't think of anything good enough to write! I'm never going to write a book, I'll never even be published. Who am i kidding!!! I'm a joke! Ooooh why can't i write????

Emily (subconcious): Well fuck if i know! You're pretty much screwed by the sounds of it!


Emily (c0ncious): OMG, what am i ever going to do?!?! I can't write, I can't think of anything good enough to write! I'm never going to write a book, I'll never even be published. Who am i kidding!!! I'm a joke! Ooooh why can't i write????

Emily (subconcious): Aw missus, would you ever chillax? you'll be grand. Now shuddup and listen to Bob Marley Beeatch!

So Yeah, Bob Marley is the cure. . . get the word out lol.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Unplug week and an truth Award!!

So tomorrow is the third monday of the month and is unplug week (which is going to be very handy this week considering the amount of work i have to do!). Apart from xmas stuff i'll be doing some PhD work and maybe work on some of my poetry (if it can be called that lol)

In unrelated news, the ever lovely Diana Paz has given me the 'From me to you' blog award! YaY!! Seriously recommend dropping over to Diana's blog as i've always found i've come away from reading her posts with smile on my face!

Basically i've to nominate seven blogs and revealing seven truths about myself that you might not know (hmmmmm. . . this is going to be hard!!


1. Ok the most obvious truth is that Emily Cross is not my real name (which i've mentioned before) but the truth part is that my first name is Mary. (nicknames: Moy, Mare, Maude, Mad Mary, Scary Mary etc. lol)

2. For ten years, 7-17 i studied speech and drama in the same school (different branch obviously) as Kate Winslet and i'm only a grade below her.

3. I've been published. First in an Anthology of peace poems about Northern Ireland and ROI and in university I had the abstract of my undergrad thesis published in Irish Journal of Psychology

4. My parents thought i had a learning disability (or that i was deaf) because i couldn't speak properly and was grunting up to the age of 3-4. My Parents brought me to a hearing specialist who said i could hear the grass grow and maybe i should start talking now. Since then my poor parents have been trying to shut me up.

5. As a child (which probably links to 4) i had a problem pronouncing certain words such as hospital due to stiff tongue or something - which was helped by 'licking yogurt off a plate' (aw speech therapists!)

6. I've two older brothers and a younger sister

7. Connected to nickname 'Mare', I was obsessed with horses as a child and used to (and will be soon) ride regularly! I absolutely love horses.

Nominated Blogs:

As the Plot thickens

All Things Moorehawk and Otherwise

All things Urban Fiction

Anne R Allen

Beyond Wunderman

Diary of a Chalet Girl

Evaluation Station

Also to everyone:

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wonderful News!

Despite all the drama of the previous post, i got an email from my supervisor (about ten mins ago).

Hi (myrealname),

Many congratulations!!! You have been awarded the PhD scholarship - I believe that's a great Christmas present :)

You did a really good job putting the proposal together and I am excited to work with XX, XX and you on the project!!

In case I don't see you before the weekend, have a wonderful Christmas and all the best for the new year!!

I can't describe how absolutely thrilled i am. Thanks to everyone for all of your kind thoughts, hugs and positive vibes!


Monday, December 14, 2009

Stoopid is as Stoopid does

How fecking true!!!

So, let me tell you a little story about how incredible stoopid i am.

About two weeks ago, we get a notice yabbering on about how are rooms have to be sprayed. Fair enough, today is the day and on the notice it says they'll start spraying round 10.30 and to vacate the rooms.


I get up at like half 8, so i can be all ready for them (as in not in me pjs) and my lecture at 10am.
And I, of course, being the completely paranoid nut that i am, decide that the only safe place for my duvet, pillows and sheet is the . . . shower

So, after placing a towel down (just in case - hardy har har), I trot off thinking by the time i get back, everything will be done and grand.

Come back and nothings been done. See, i forgot i live in Ireland not Germany so i should have known things wouldn't go to plan. God forbid anything is done on time here.

Me and M (my french apartmate) escape to the cantine for tea and chat and kill time talking about xmas and families bla bla bla.

We return, I go on AW and blogger. I look at my interview crap. I cook dinner. I eat dinner. I think, i've pleeeenty of time to revise for big interview tomorrow that decides my FUTURE.

Tra La La.

I decide to put my room to rights. Everything back in its place.

I open the shower . . .

A Fucking leak.

Everything is soaked.

So, i've spent last two hours drying my sheets, pillows etc. with a fricking remington hair dryer!?!?!

Which probably will cut out and die a sudden death though overuse tomorrow when i'm actually drying my hair after my leaky shower before my big ass interview!!

At some point i'm meant to review my fecking research review too.


Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Silver Lining Award

So, in these bad economic times etc. its nice to be able to wander the blogosphere and see some really positive and optimistic posts. To honour these uplifting blogs i've made the silverlining award. I found the image via creative commons on compfight.

Okay, the rules of this one are as follows:

* Post the award on your blog
* Let them know who gave it to you and link
* Nominate five other blogs and link to them
* Let your nominees know that they've received the award

My nominees:

Diana Paz at Writing Roller Coasters

Jen Novel (as i think of her ;) at As the Plot Thickens

Laura Cassidy at First Three Chapters

MM Phillips at the Sesquipedalian

Casey McCormick at Literary Rambles

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The 'H' Word. . .

So lately i noticed my blog posts have gotten very . . . meeh. I don't know why, perhaps its tiredness or being unimaginative?

Personally i think its cause i'm . . . happy(ish)?


i know, i know i said the H word - I'm scared too.

Seriously though maybe the apartmates/homefriends have been spiking my cocktails with prozac, C'est feckers! They know how much i love being the pessimist!

So, apart from that, as i wondered down the dark lane, toward the glowing sign of eurospar - i began to ponder all this stuff.

Essentially i'm a chronic single, who is well on her way to spinsterhood. . . with lots of dogs (not cat person) to keep me company and give me the unconditional love that bastard men are incapable of,

So - definitely not the love life (or lack there of)

Ok, what about my hobbies (assuming hobbies don't include internet or drinking)


Okey dokey, not that area either.

So that leaves my career.

Lately i've been feeling uber proud of myself (and thus the happy me = boring posts). Whilst i was home and writing up the never ending proposal, i felt like my life was being sucked away by one of those wraith things on SG Atlantis (yes i am one of those people too - like you didn't know) but i finally got it done and sent in.

In the mean time, while it was being processed i responded to an email looking for a tutor to teach psychology in one of the university's departments. Few extra mula's, so what they hell, i thought, i can handle a few tutorials - even if i don't have the first clue to what the feck to do.

First day, goes by. Second day, goes by.

Lecturer has family bereavement. Rings me up, says she's gotten great feedback from tutorials and asks will i cover the next 5 lectures (for a class of 250-300 students).

Apart from writing, Lecturing psychology is what my dream dayjob would be.

Although i was racked with nerves on the day, and ran through my lecture like a freight train on fire - i felt high afterwards, i was so thrilled!

So, i survived those first two lectures, and have another tomorrow. (touch wood - all goes well)

Why all these ponderings about happy = career? I got an email about my PhD interview today. So, hopefully this time next week, i'll be a funded PhD student *touch wood* :)

Not bad for 22, non?

P.S. Ha! Just realised I've never labelled a post 'happy' before for this blog

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Silverbells, Silverbells

Its Christmas time in the city . . .

Henry Street

O'Connell Street

Grafton Street

Source for grafton pic:

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Completely Psyched!

So a little play of words.

My psychology tutorials have been going really well so far and i've gotten some good feedback from my students (aw 'my' students lol). On top of this i got an email a few days ago from the lecturer and course director of the course, asking for me to cover her lectures as well (due to family issues)!

I'm absolutely thrilled, and terrified lol!

I'll presenting the rest of course to about 3-350 students and doing the tutorials.

So its going to be a busy few weeks till Christmas but i'm psyched anyhoo lol.

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