Monday, November 30, 2009

Late Late Toy Show: Junior Culchie of the Year

The Late Late Toy show was on Friday night. Tubridy seemed a little nervous at first but he seemed to find his stride. My favourite part was Mark McSharry! Although you can't see it in the below piece i absolutely love when he starts showing his favourite toys.

Ryan asks did he like his 'shed' - where Mark corrects him that its a dairy (like a true cultchie farmer :) ) then when asked what animals he'd put in it, Mark replies 'but of course, cows!' aw truly hilarious!

Just to let you know - thats a Cavan Irish Accent

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Moving on up . . .

So i'm finally moving up to Dublin, to (hopefully) start my career as a academic/PhD student. For next few weeks (while my proposal is in the works) i'm going to be doing some tutoring in psychology in my university. Nerve wracking - hopefully first years won't eat me alive lol.

I've yet to sort out my internet connection up there, i imagine it will be monday at the earliest before i'm connected again (OMG - 24 hours, how shall i survive lol).

Really excited now, can't wait to move up and into my own space again. Although i love being home (most of the time) - i've forgotten how great it is to live independent of the parentals/family!

Anyhoo Ciao for now,

Saturday, November 28, 2009

20 Questions

Over on Parajunkee's blog (absolutely fab blog designer and book review) when i happened onto her 'about page' which had these twenty questions, which i thought would be fun!

1. Last books i bought:

I went into Waterstones and went a bit 'crazy' after my Graduation (damn 3 for2 always gets me!):

Charlainne Harris - Omnibus True Blood
Jane Austen & Seth Grahame-Smith - P&P& Zombies
Poppy Adams - The Behaviour of Moths
John Connolly - The Gates
Audrey Niffenegger - Her Fearful Symmetry
Ken Follett - The Pillars of the Earth
Ray Bradbury - Something wicked this way comes (finally got this!)

2. Last Book I got in Post

Can't remember - its been soooo long since i had access to a credit card. sniff!

3. The first book i've read over and over

Black Beauty

4. Children's books every child should read:

The Secret Garden
Black Beauty
The little Princess
Anne of green gables series
Little Women
Famous Five
Secret Seven
Three investigators (Last three were purely due to reading my brothers books)
The Call of the Wild
etc. etc.

5. Favourite Place to read


6. A book i bought just for cover:

a] Twilight - not the US version (the black one with apple) but actually the UK version (which everyone thinks is ugly). Totally drawn in my that cover, thus how i ended up with a first edition, as no one knew about these books in UK/Ireland in 2007

b] John Connolly's book of lost things, knew it was going to be brilliant but loved the cover! (similar to Gates and new Nocturnes one)

7. Scariest Book I ever read:

I don't read scary books to be honest but John Connolly's Black Angel really freaked me out! Oddly i read this series out of order because i ran out of books during holidays and started reading my mothers ones. Totally got hooked to the Charlie Parker series but the 'hollow men' scary the bejaysus out of me lol.

8. Most Romantic Book ever

Pride and Prejudice! Duh! ;)

9. Book that changed my life in some way

Twilight - purely because (and i don't want to sound pig headed - i don't mean it in that way) but the book (and the author) made me believe that i could write a book/s too. Usually when i read books i really like, i get the whole 'could never write like that'.

10. Books i've reread the most

Pride and Prejudice - know it off by heart at this point but its my 'go-to' book

11. Books i need cliff notes for

Shakespeare - how sad, i know!

12. Book you need dictionary for

Star of the sea by John O Connor

13. Book i like that no one else seems to

The Gargoyle (don't get me started!)

14. Books i don't like that everyone else seems to

A Great and Terrible Beauty - didn't get past the first three chapters. Everyone loves it. I don't. Enuf said lol.

15. Number of books i own (guess):

At least 300?

16. Number of books on TBR (that have not been acquired)

Infinite number

17. Must have reading accessory

Torch (for those night time read sessions)

18. Literary destination i want to go to:

Never thought of this before - maybe Jane Austens House?

19. Top three favourite authors

Jane Austen
(can't say about the other two - i keep changing my mind)

20. The reason i started book bloggin

I started this blog due to MoonRats comments on platforming, and haven't looked back since. I started the book bundle book review blog cause i wanted to talk about books!

let me know in comments if you do 20 questions - would love to read your answers :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Monday, November 23, 2009

Gift for writers/readers

Maybe i'm a little late to the party but i just discovered Levenger through Lynn Viehl's blog post- which is like Nirvana for readers/writers!

So here are some favs of mine (people take note ;) ) -

For those writers (like me) who live in their PJs, like to stay in bed as long as possible and have probably become infertile due to letting their laptop live on their lap

For those not afraid to show the world they are a bookworm? who says you need a 'normal' bag. Afterall, ladies/lads pencil cases are soooo last century!!

For those of us who are short, who says you can't reach those tall shelves in your Neil Gaiman like Library? Pish Posh - do it in style no more standing on my princess ann antique chairs then lol.

Wait now! whats a special library step without bookcases. For those of us who like our things to spin - the carousel revolving bookcases (no plastic ponies included -sadly) and then for those of us who have box festishes, book boxes

Would you like your own light for those dark nights - look no further than this beautiful clip on lamp, which reminds of us of a certain homicidal machine in a certain halloween episode of the simpsons. Brownie points to those who guess!

and of course where would we be without the leather recliner!

Happy Shopping :)

Oh any other nice things/places that you'd recommend - drop a note in comments

Friday, November 20, 2009


So, i haven't been working at all on my 52-12 challenge this week, which is really disappointing but i've at least a good excuse. My proposal seems to finally be shaping up, so now i just have application forms for internal/external funding to fill out and send off - hope to have this done this weekend.

Next week i'll be doing lots of work and research as i'm filling in for a tutor for next few weeks in my university - first time i'll be teaching, so exciting (and scary) stuff.

Any teachers out there, i'd appreciate tips? especially i regards to keeping a class quiet (i've been told i look v.young so have to be uber confident or be eaten ALIVE lol).

Its great to get some work (which fills out the auld CV too) - badly need some mula for xmas!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Absolutely Gutted

no.1 rule of blogging is never post when your angry/upset.

I'm absolutely gutted after watching the Ireland vs. France game.

The players did us proud, and i think they deserved better than that at the end of the day.

I'm not going to say anymore than that though or i'll lose it.

Ciao for now.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Unplug week - spread the word

So i know lots of people who go through a 'unplug' month/week/day but i've never seen an actually organised monthly event till i happened on Diana's Blog post about it.

Founded by B.J. Anderson, she states that:

If you get tired of networking and need a break, join me for Unplug Week. It starts the third Monday of each month and it's a chance to just write. Go ahead and check your emails once or twice a day or anything else that will stack up while you're gone, but after that, turn off your computer and go write. Unplugging means no blogging, facebooking, myspacing, twittering, or anything else that keeps you from writing. Good luck and happy writing!

I think this is a brilliant idea! Personally my 'dayjob' very much involves computers and writing (academically) but i do spend large amounts of time online procrastinating. I'm definitely going to do this and have even made up a little logo (cause i love them lol)

So spread the word! Unplug!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

52-12 update

So just penning down my thoughts/updates for my 52-12 challenge. Basically i'm going to try and write a poem a week and a short story a month. So far i've two poems which i've gotten good feedback and only need minor adjustments. I penned my third poem yesterday, which needs a complete overhaul - shouldn't have written it at 12 at night i suppose lol.

My short story needs a complete rework as well, as it reads as more of a plan than an actually draft so i really need to get myself in gear.

I find reworking/rewritingvery difficult when its on such a huge scale (for both poem and short story) - and although the critiques on both (which were amazing and so helpful and much appreciated) were completely right - its terrible to feel you're not making progress?

I guess it makes me feel that i'm still the kid in the back of the class who doesn't know the answer? Its stupid even thinking/feeling this way, as the entire point of 52-12 is to get critiques and work from them! I guess i'm just not happy with my own work/progress.

Sometimes i wonder, especially in regards to poetry - should it really require so much work if i'm truly meant to be a writer/poet? am i forcing something?

Did Yeats, Kavanagh and Keats struggle like this?

Friday, November 13, 2009

Belated Blogversery

The Chronicles of Emily Cross is officially a year old last Monday (Nov 9th).

Completely didn't cop till there now.

So justed wanted to say to everyone who reads the blog, and who leaves comments!

Thanks a Million


You're all wonderful and have been great fun!

Heres hoping for another year *cheers*

Thursday, November 12, 2009

This is why i love them . . .

Muse take the piss on an Italien TV show because they were asked to mime. Muse absolutely HATE to mime and have done similar stuff before, e.g. when newborn was released matt did a bit of dancing during his 'piano' part lol.

anyhoo this is sooo funny i had to share :)

Just let non muse people know they have on switched places - the lead singer is 'playing' the drums with the bass playing the piano and the drummer being 'lead singer' lol

even if your not a muse fan have a look!

Excellent Posts to Read

While wondering around the blogosphere i came across some very interesting posts, first by Harriet Evans of the Guardian - Don't Patronise Popular Fiction by women . Harriet poses some interesting questions about reading trends, and how - although women are the biggest group who buys and reads book - books written by women are labelled and often judged as 'chicklit' or sort of like Jane Austen (i'm guilty of doing this myself). Definitely give this a read.

Similarly The Rejectionist does a book review of 'Shiver' - a book on my TBR list, and addresses bigger issue which currently faces paranormal YA writing - Misogynistic writing.

Although i read these books and have enjoyed Twilight, i highly recommend people read this post - it has been something which has been brewing in the back of my mind since i read Breaking Dawn.

But our dislike of Shiver served only to remind us of a certain displeasure we have been feeling lately with young adult fiction in general and YA aimed at teenage girls in particular; namely, the Enfeebled Heroine.
There is a particularly misogynist school of romance critique which we are not interested in espousing. . . What we are heartily sick of, however, are feeble and inept teenage-girl main characters, whose lives come into focus only through the addition of some melodramatic attraction to a charismatic male figure who seems to carry all the personality in the relationship.

So all we can say is: KNOCK IT OFF. Knock off buying this shit, and knock off cranking it out. It is tough enough being a lady in this world, Author-friends, without having it hammered into our goddamn heads that we're STILL supposed to sit tight, shut up, and look pretty. We are NOT HAVING IT. If anybody around here gets to be a werewolf, it's gonna be US. And we will eat you right up, believe it.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Muse and Graduation

So Nov 6th came around - MUSE were amazing as always!

Granted got slightly crushed by aran jumper wearing cider smelling galway girl and friends, but stangely got some help - not from a prince on a white steed - but a scanger in white tracksuit. But probably best not to judge my helper, especially when it saves you from having your ribs broken against a steel barrier.

Anyhoo, fun was had and new tour tshirt was bought! Muse even played 'unintended' for us old fans, sad that no one but myself and my friend knew the words. . .

So onto Monday, twas graduation. Got my award and piece of paper.

Lots of fun was had afterwards, headed to Dicey's and then of course onto that fine 'classy' establishment that is Copper faced Jacks!

Shall go now and work on proposal - fun fun fun

Heres some Muse to eep you going :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Worried. . .

Ok, with my procrastinating ways and nasty computer viruses i've been redrafting my phd proposal for almost a month. Oh God, i know i'm taking way to long to do it and its not even up to scratch. Now i'm worried that

a] my department will be wondering if i'm always like this and if it was a mistake to take me on


b] The money will be gone by the time i submit this and get an interview (aka grilling).

Why is it taking me so long to do!?!?!


anyhoo in related news i'm graduating next monday - i'm hoping to have this draft sent to my supervisors by Sunday (God/whoever willing) as i really really don't want this hanging over my head graduation night - i wish to be appletinised the whole night and next day - YaY!

Of course in typical 'me' style i'm heading to MUSE tomorrow so i won't be getting much done Friday - i will be in off mode though so i can truly have my spiritual experience that is muse live. lol.

Can't wait to see them again, i think this will be my 5-6th time to see them live now and i've never ever been disappointed. I definitely think i'll enjoy myself more though during this concert as *brag mode on* last time i was nervous as a kitten cause i got to meet them after the show.

*dreamy sigh*

Good times.

hmmmm. . . what was i worried about again? lol

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Still working . . .

on the proposal.

Krusty understands my fed-upidness!
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