Thursday, February 26, 2009

A New Direction

Hey all,

I know i haven't been updated as often as i usually do, but real life and WC has been taking over my time!

Anyhoo, before i go into the body of this post - i thought i'd share some great news. When i started up the writer's chronicle i decided that a goal of mine would be to have 50 members before the end of 2009! Well although we are only 3 weeks old, we now have 47 members. YAY!!

Ok so back on point, i bought a book recently called 'first draft to finished novel' and although i'm not one for these sort of books, i thought this one looked good. It is very structured and is all about building a 'strong foundation' for your book etc. and i think this struck a cord in regards to SoD which is floundering with lack of direction.

Many of you may not know but my WIP, the Sight of Darkness is actually a 'practice' novel. Something to break my teeth on and get a sense of myself as a writer etc. but then when reading this book, i kept thinking of this idea for a novel which has been festering for past two years.

The idea emerged from a 'that would make a great idea for a book' thought when i was having a lecture in my psychology course. I put it to one side though because i wanted to be really 'skilled' when i wrote it.

So i've decided to go in a new direction and start afresh with a new approach for a new novel. I'm not abandoning SoD but i'd like to see how writing in a structured way might work for me.

hmmmmm i guess we'll have to wait and see. . .

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Well Hello WordPress. . . .

So, i took a day off university

shhh. . . . don't tell anyone . . .

Anyhoo, i've been thinking about my freewebs website which is very slow and dull etc. so i thought i try something new and had seen lots of lovely wordpress blogs lately with their pretty tabs on the top like websites etc. . . . . .


How Wrong Was I! Behing their lovely exterior, there was only EVIL!!

Yes, Ha indeed! To You wordpress!


- its the same Ha! that i felt when i tried (emphasis on tried) to tackle and understand facebook!

I am so annoyed with template options in wordpress and how complex it is to get one off another site, between up/downloading, ftp clients, blah blah blah i eventually gave up and picked a template i could live with.

The site as is, is ok (ish) - it'll do for now, but i made sure to link my blogs (blogger ones) on the front page! As my little protest (v silent one but you know what i mean).

God, Blogger i love how simple you are! You are the bebo to facebook, the Ipod to Mp3's, Twilight to Dracula.

Nice and simple with pretty colours - thats all i want!!

Sigh - so here is my wordpress site

I don't know if there is a follow thing on this yoke or what, but contact me and i'll link you.

Lesson Learnt I won't ditch again

(or at least i won't by being on wordpress.)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Back to the grind.

So, tomorrow is the start of my second week of term and damn, do i have some serious work to do!

Its unbelievable, and we still have lots of group work as well, except now we have new groups - so i have new people to work with to add to the pressure. And somehow i'm also supposed to find the time to get my thesis done as well. *sigh*

Yeah, i'm a ray of sunshine!

We have 11 weeks left of lectured weeks, then exams then thesis due in end of July, so for the next 11 weeks i may have to take a hiatus from writing my WIP. Originally i was hoping i could do it in my 'spare time' - Ha! aw how delusional was i, to think this semester would be easier.

Can't wait for the end of may when i've my last exam done cause then i have no more lectures and can divide my time better between 'fun writing time' and 'thesis writing time'. I may get me one of those countdown widgets now :D

Toodles for now,


Saturday, February 14, 2009

stupid sad singles day is here again

Sorry for the lack of constant updates of my grumbles but my online time has been spent harassing people to join my new writer's forum (check it out NOW). I'm delighted that its coming along and more people are joining everyday with great amounts of writing experience and advice.

So today is *cough*mal*cough* i mean VAL. . . entines day.

this day means nothing to me, even if i WAS in a relationship it means nothing. Just another holiday for the card companies between xmas and easter. . . . nope i don't sound bitter do i? lol

Anyhoo, i'm hoping to keep up to date with this blog as per usual next week (although the soul sucking course is back in full tortorous swing) and will update the bookbundle and writer's chronicle over the next few weeks (month really)

So yeah, hope people enjoy this day -
I'm going to go eat myself into a sugar coma, Yay!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Writer's Chronicle Community Forum

Hello Everybody!

I thought i'd let you all know that i've set up a community forum for writers.

I'm hoping this foum will be a place for people to share/discuss issues and topics related to writing.

Blogging is amazing but often posting can be very one sided. I'm a member of a similar board (the writer's draft) and the advice and help i've received from others there has been amazing.

So please drop in and have a look, and maybe join.

Thanks Emily

The Writer's Chronicle Forum

Monday, February 2, 2009

SNOW . . . and sunsets!

Oh its snowing, really snowing!! I love it - its real snow (not the wet mushy, disappears in a second kind but the sticks and is a few inches kind!!) YAY!!!!

So here are some pictures of the homestead covered in snow!!


Infront of the house

Behind the house

Teddy (who is camera and snow shy it seems)

P.S. here are some sunset pictures i took one evening back in december too. Trust me the photos don't too the sunset justice. It was amazing - whole sky was mix of blue, pink and orange and was changing every second.

Wired. . . .Writers Draft and Contests

Oh i am so excited!

I was up all night absolutely wired! Why, you ask? well apart from the gallon of coke i drank, the Writer's Draft is having a contest for valentines about 'love'.


i was hit with a really good plot idea for it - its been one i've thought of before but felt it would be near impossible to put to paper but last night i wrote the first line and it feels achieveable (at least at the moment as a short story), so i'm going to test out the concept with a 2,000 word short story and see how it fares in the contest!

So excited!!
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