Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Decluttering for the New Year

I know that i should be going on about my resolutions for the year, but i'm not because they are the same as last years (and remain incomplete) - feel free to click the label 'resolutions', for the thrilling read ;)

Cluttered mind = cluttered space

I've heard this saying a thousand times during my life, lets just say i'm not 'neat' and leave it at that, shall we?

So, instead of making more lists of things that shall never be done - i've decided to declutter my virtual space.

Be gone Twitter

Be gone Facebook

Soon to be gone fanfiction accounts (which have been plagarised till the cows come home - aw the irony!)

Soon to be gone 'psych student' blog, which never got started but looks so pretty (i had such great ideas for this one, but i don't have the time to maintain her, aw well).

and of course Adieu 2009, you haven't been that bad of a year (for me)

See you all in 2010!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Xmas Everybody!!

Thank you to everyone who has commented, looked at and send awards to this blog. You've all been amazing and kind!

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New year

Monday, December 21, 2009

Thank you and there is a change in the wind. . .

I know i know, unplug week (aw well)

First, I want to thank everyone for their wishes, hugs and best of lucks in regards to my interview! You've all been so kind :)

Secondly, since i've gotten the good news or the indication of good news (prior to the official announcement) i've felt a sort of shift in gears in regards to my writing. It's very strange, like a change of attitude, or something?

As many of you know for the past 6-8 months i've had horrible writer's block - (both type 1 & 2) and no matter what i've tried (52/12; read more; prompts; change to pen/paper) nothing has happened. Obviously this has been stressing me out and has been really frustrating as i've had plenty of time lately to get stuck into writing but nothing to show for it!

So, back to this sort of subtle epiphany which was a sort of moment as in (please bear in mind i've been doing alot of Freud lately with first years - not a great lover of freud tbh);

The Usual exchange

Emily (concious): OMG, what am i ever going to do?!?! I can't write, I can't think of anything good enough to write! I'm never going to write a book, I'll never even be published. Who am i kidding!!! I'm a joke! Ooooh why can't i write????

Emily (subconcious): Well fuck if i know! You're pretty much screwed by the sounds of it!


Emily (c0ncious): OMG, what am i ever going to do?!?! I can't write, I can't think of anything good enough to write! I'm never going to write a book, I'll never even be published. Who am i kidding!!! I'm a joke! Ooooh why can't i write????

Emily (subconcious): Aw missus, would you ever chillax? you'll be grand. Now shuddup and listen to Bob Marley Beeatch!

So Yeah, Bob Marley is the cure. . . get the word out lol.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Unplug week and an truth Award!!

So tomorrow is the third monday of the month and is unplug week (which is going to be very handy this week considering the amount of work i have to do!). Apart from xmas stuff i'll be doing some PhD work and maybe work on some of my poetry (if it can be called that lol)

In unrelated news, the ever lovely Diana Paz has given me the 'From me to you' blog award! YaY!! Seriously recommend dropping over to Diana's blog as i've always found i've come away from reading her posts with smile on my face!

Basically i've to nominate seven blogs and revealing seven truths about myself that you might not know (hmmmmm. . . this is going to be hard!!


1. Ok the most obvious truth is that Emily Cross is not my real name (which i've mentioned before) but the truth part is that my first name is Mary. (nicknames: Moy, Mare, Maude, Mad Mary, Scary Mary etc. lol)

2. For ten years, 7-17 i studied speech and drama in the same school (different branch obviously) as Kate Winslet and i'm only a grade below her.

3. I've been published. First in an Anthology of peace poems about Northern Ireland and ROI and in university I had the abstract of my undergrad thesis published in Irish Journal of Psychology

4. My parents thought i had a learning disability (or that i was deaf) because i couldn't speak properly and was grunting up to the age of 3-4. My Parents brought me to a hearing specialist who said i could hear the grass grow and maybe i should start talking now. Since then my poor parents have been trying to shut me up.

5. As a child (which probably links to 4) i had a problem pronouncing certain words such as hospital due to stiff tongue or something - which was helped by 'licking yogurt off a plate' (aw speech therapists!)

6. I've two older brothers and a younger sister

7. Connected to nickname 'Mare', I was obsessed with horses as a child and used to (and will be soon) ride regularly! I absolutely love horses.

Nominated Blogs:

As the Plot thickens

All Things Moorehawk and Otherwise

All things Urban Fiction

Anne R Allen

Beyond Wunderman

Diary of a Chalet Girl

Evaluation Station

Also to everyone:

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wonderful News!

Despite all the drama of the previous post, i got an email from my supervisor (about ten mins ago).

Hi (myrealname),

Many congratulations!!! You have been awarded the PhD scholarship - I believe that's a great Christmas present :)

You did a really good job putting the proposal together and I am excited to work with XX, XX and you on the project!!

In case I don't see you before the weekend, have a wonderful Christmas and all the best for the new year!!

I can't describe how absolutely thrilled i am. Thanks to everyone for all of your kind thoughts, hugs and positive vibes!


Monday, December 14, 2009

Stoopid is as Stoopid does

How fecking true!!!

So, let me tell you a little story about how incredible stoopid i am.

About two weeks ago, we get a notice yabbering on about how are rooms have to be sprayed. Fair enough, today is the day and on the notice it says they'll start spraying round 10.30 and to vacate the rooms.


I get up at like half 8, so i can be all ready for them (as in not in me pjs) and my lecture at 10am.
And I, of course, being the completely paranoid nut that i am, decide that the only safe place for my duvet, pillows and sheet is the . . . shower

So, after placing a towel down (just in case - hardy har har), I trot off thinking by the time i get back, everything will be done and grand.

Come back and nothings been done. See, i forgot i live in Ireland not Germany so i should have known things wouldn't go to plan. God forbid anything is done on time here.

Me and M (my french apartmate) escape to the cantine for tea and chat and kill time talking about xmas and families bla bla bla.

We return, I go on AW and blogger. I look at my interview crap. I cook dinner. I eat dinner. I think, i've pleeeenty of time to revise for big interview tomorrow that decides my FUTURE.

Tra La La.

I decide to put my room to rights. Everything back in its place.

I open the shower . . .

A Fucking leak.

Everything is soaked.

So, i've spent last two hours drying my sheets, pillows etc. with a fricking remington hair dryer!?!?!

Which probably will cut out and die a sudden death though overuse tomorrow when i'm actually drying my hair after my leaky shower before my big ass interview!!

At some point i'm meant to review my fecking research review too.


Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Silver Lining Award

So, in these bad economic times etc. its nice to be able to wander the blogosphere and see some really positive and optimistic posts. To honour these uplifting blogs i've made the silverlining award. I found the image via creative commons on compfight.

Okay, the rules of this one are as follows:

* Post the award on your blog
* Let them know who gave it to you and link
* Nominate five other blogs and link to them
* Let your nominees know that they've received the award

My nominees:

Diana Paz at Writing Roller Coasters

Jen Novel (as i think of her ;) at As the Plot Thickens

Laura Cassidy at First Three Chapters

MM Phillips at the Sesquipedalian

Casey McCormick at Literary Rambles

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The 'H' Word. . .

So lately i noticed my blog posts have gotten very . . . meeh. I don't know why, perhaps its tiredness or being unimaginative?

Personally i think its cause i'm . . . happy(ish)?


i know, i know i said the H word - I'm scared too.

Seriously though maybe the apartmates/homefriends have been spiking my cocktails with prozac, C'est feckers! They know how much i love being the pessimist!

So, apart from that, as i wondered down the dark lane, toward the glowing sign of eurospar - i began to ponder all this stuff.

Essentially i'm a chronic single, who is well on her way to spinsterhood. . . with lots of dogs (not cat person) to keep me company and give me the unconditional love that bastard men are incapable of,

So - definitely not the love life (or lack there of)

Ok, what about my hobbies (assuming hobbies don't include internet or drinking)


Okey dokey, not that area either.

So that leaves my career.

Lately i've been feeling uber proud of myself (and thus the happy me = boring posts). Whilst i was home and writing up the never ending proposal, i felt like my life was being sucked away by one of those wraith things on SG Atlantis (yes i am one of those people too - like you didn't know) but i finally got it done and sent in.

In the mean time, while it was being processed i responded to an email looking for a tutor to teach psychology in one of the university's departments. Few extra mula's, so what they hell, i thought, i can handle a few tutorials - even if i don't have the first clue to what the feck to do.

First day, goes by. Second day, goes by.

Lecturer has family bereavement. Rings me up, says she's gotten great feedback from tutorials and asks will i cover the next 5 lectures (for a class of 250-300 students).

Apart from writing, Lecturing psychology is what my dream dayjob would be.

Although i was racked with nerves on the day, and ran through my lecture like a freight train on fire - i felt high afterwards, i was so thrilled!

So, i survived those first two lectures, and have another tomorrow. (touch wood - all goes well)

Why all these ponderings about happy = career? I got an email about my PhD interview today. So, hopefully this time next week, i'll be a funded PhD student *touch wood* :)

Not bad for 22, non?

P.S. Ha! Just realised I've never labelled a post 'happy' before for this blog

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Silverbells, Silverbells

Its Christmas time in the city . . .

Henry Street

O'Connell Street

Grafton Street

Source for grafton pic:

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Completely Psyched!

So a little play of words.

My psychology tutorials have been going really well so far and i've gotten some good feedback from my students (aw 'my' students lol). On top of this i got an email a few days ago from the lecturer and course director of the course, asking for me to cover her lectures as well (due to family issues)!

I'm absolutely thrilled, and terrified lol!

I'll presenting the rest of course to about 3-350 students and doing the tutorials.

So its going to be a busy few weeks till Christmas but i'm psyched anyhoo lol.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Late Late Toy Show: Junior Culchie of the Year

The Late Late Toy show was on Friday night. Tubridy seemed a little nervous at first but he seemed to find his stride. My favourite part was Mark McSharry! Although you can't see it in the below piece i absolutely love when he starts showing his favourite toys.

Ryan asks did he like his 'shed' - where Mark corrects him that its a dairy (like a true cultchie farmer :) ) then when asked what animals he'd put in it, Mark replies 'but of course, cows!' aw truly hilarious!

Just to let you know - thats a Cavan Irish Accent

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Moving on up . . .

So i'm finally moving up to Dublin, to (hopefully) start my career as a academic/PhD student. For next few weeks (while my proposal is in the works) i'm going to be doing some tutoring in psychology in my university. Nerve wracking - hopefully first years won't eat me alive lol.

I've yet to sort out my internet connection up there, i imagine it will be monday at the earliest before i'm connected again (OMG - 24 hours, how shall i survive lol).

Really excited now, can't wait to move up and into my own space again. Although i love being home (most of the time) - i've forgotten how great it is to live independent of the parentals/family!

Anyhoo Ciao for now,

Saturday, November 28, 2009

20 Questions

Over on Parajunkee's blog (absolutely fab blog designer and book review) when i happened onto her 'about page' which had these twenty questions, which i thought would be fun!

1. Last books i bought:

I went into Waterstones and went a bit 'crazy' after my Graduation (damn 3 for2 always gets me!):

Charlainne Harris - Omnibus True Blood
Jane Austen & Seth Grahame-Smith - P&P& Zombies
Poppy Adams - The Behaviour of Moths
John Connolly - The Gates
Audrey Niffenegger - Her Fearful Symmetry
Ken Follett - The Pillars of the Earth
Ray Bradbury - Something wicked this way comes (finally got this!)

2. Last Book I got in Post

Can't remember - its been soooo long since i had access to a credit card. sniff!

3. The first book i've read over and over

Black Beauty

4. Children's books every child should read:

The Secret Garden
Black Beauty
The little Princess
Anne of green gables series
Little Women
Famous Five
Secret Seven
Three investigators (Last three were purely due to reading my brothers books)
The Call of the Wild
etc. etc.

5. Favourite Place to read


6. A book i bought just for cover:

a] Twilight - not the US version (the black one with apple) but actually the UK version (which everyone thinks is ugly). Totally drawn in my that cover, thus how i ended up with a first edition, as no one knew about these books in UK/Ireland in 2007

b] John Connolly's book of lost things, knew it was going to be brilliant but loved the cover! (similar to Gates and new Nocturnes one)

7. Scariest Book I ever read:

I don't read scary books to be honest but John Connolly's Black Angel really freaked me out! Oddly i read this series out of order because i ran out of books during holidays and started reading my mothers ones. Totally got hooked to the Charlie Parker series but the 'hollow men' scary the bejaysus out of me lol.

8. Most Romantic Book ever

Pride and Prejudice! Duh! ;)

9. Book that changed my life in some way

Twilight - purely because (and i don't want to sound pig headed - i don't mean it in that way) but the book (and the author) made me believe that i could write a book/s too. Usually when i read books i really like, i get the whole 'could never write like that'.

10. Books i've reread the most

Pride and Prejudice - know it off by heart at this point but its my 'go-to' book

11. Books i need cliff notes for

Shakespeare - how sad, i know!

12. Book you need dictionary for

Star of the sea by John O Connor

13. Book i like that no one else seems to

The Gargoyle (don't get me started!)

14. Books i don't like that everyone else seems to

A Great and Terrible Beauty - didn't get past the first three chapters. Everyone loves it. I don't. Enuf said lol.

15. Number of books i own (guess):

At least 300?

16. Number of books on TBR (that have not been acquired)

Infinite number

17. Must have reading accessory

Torch (for those night time read sessions)

18. Literary destination i want to go to:

Never thought of this before - maybe Jane Austens House?

19. Top three favourite authors

Jane Austen
(can't say about the other two - i keep changing my mind)

20. The reason i started book bloggin

I started this blog due to MoonRats comments on platforming, and haven't looked back since. I started the book bundle book review blog cause i wanted to talk about books!

let me know in comments if you do 20 questions - would love to read your answers :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Monday, November 23, 2009

Gift for writers/readers

Maybe i'm a little late to the party but i just discovered Levenger through Lynn Viehl's blog post- which is like Nirvana for readers/writers!

So here are some favs of mine (people take note ;) ) -

For those writers (like me) who live in their PJs, like to stay in bed as long as possible and have probably become infertile due to letting their laptop live on their lap

For those not afraid to show the world they are a bookworm? who says you need a 'normal' bag. Afterall, ladies/lads pencil cases are soooo last century!!

For those of us who are short, who says you can't reach those tall shelves in your Neil Gaiman like Library? Pish Posh - do it in style no more standing on my princess ann antique chairs then lol.

Wait now! whats a special library step without bookcases. For those of us who like our things to spin - the carousel revolving bookcases (no plastic ponies included -sadly) and then for those of us who have box festishes, book boxes

Would you like your own light for those dark nights - look no further than this beautiful clip on lamp, which reminds of us of a certain homicidal machine in a certain halloween episode of the simpsons. Brownie points to those who guess!

and of course where would we be without the leather recliner!

Happy Shopping :)

Oh any other nice things/places that you'd recommend - drop a note in comments

Friday, November 20, 2009


So, i haven't been working at all on my 52-12 challenge this week, which is really disappointing but i've at least a good excuse. My proposal seems to finally be shaping up, so now i just have application forms for internal/external funding to fill out and send off - hope to have this done this weekend.

Next week i'll be doing lots of work and research as i'm filling in for a tutor for next few weeks in my university - first time i'll be teaching, so exciting (and scary) stuff.

Any teachers out there, i'd appreciate tips? especially i regards to keeping a class quiet (i've been told i look v.young so have to be uber confident or be eaten ALIVE lol).

Its great to get some work (which fills out the auld CV too) - badly need some mula for xmas!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Absolutely Gutted

no.1 rule of blogging is never post when your angry/upset.

I'm absolutely gutted after watching the Ireland vs. France game.

The players did us proud, and i think they deserved better than that at the end of the day.

I'm not going to say anymore than that though or i'll lose it.

Ciao for now.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Unplug week - spread the word

So i know lots of people who go through a 'unplug' month/week/day but i've never seen an actually organised monthly event till i happened on Diana's Blog post about it.

Founded by B.J. Anderson, she states that:

If you get tired of networking and need a break, join me for Unplug Week. It starts the third Monday of each month and it's a chance to just write. Go ahead and check your emails once or twice a day or anything else that will stack up while you're gone, but after that, turn off your computer and go write. Unplugging means no blogging, facebooking, myspacing, twittering, or anything else that keeps you from writing. Good luck and happy writing!

I think this is a brilliant idea! Personally my 'dayjob' very much involves computers and writing (academically) but i do spend large amounts of time online procrastinating. I'm definitely going to do this and have even made up a little logo (cause i love them lol)

So spread the word! Unplug!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

52-12 update

So just penning down my thoughts/updates for my 52-12 challenge. Basically i'm going to try and write a poem a week and a short story a month. So far i've two poems which i've gotten good feedback and only need minor adjustments. I penned my third poem yesterday, which needs a complete overhaul - shouldn't have written it at 12 at night i suppose lol.

My short story needs a complete rework as well, as it reads as more of a plan than an actually draft so i really need to get myself in gear.

I find reworking/rewritingvery difficult when its on such a huge scale (for both poem and short story) - and although the critiques on both (which were amazing and so helpful and much appreciated) were completely right - its terrible to feel you're not making progress?

I guess it makes me feel that i'm still the kid in the back of the class who doesn't know the answer? Its stupid even thinking/feeling this way, as the entire point of 52-12 is to get critiques and work from them! I guess i'm just not happy with my own work/progress.

Sometimes i wonder, especially in regards to poetry - should it really require so much work if i'm truly meant to be a writer/poet? am i forcing something?

Did Yeats, Kavanagh and Keats struggle like this?

Friday, November 13, 2009

Belated Blogversery

The Chronicles of Emily Cross is officially a year old last Monday (Nov 9th).

Completely didn't cop till there now.

So justed wanted to say to everyone who reads the blog, and who leaves comments!

Thanks a Million


You're all wonderful and have been great fun!

Heres hoping for another year *cheers*

Thursday, November 12, 2009

This is why i love them . . .

Muse take the piss on an Italien TV show because they were asked to mime. Muse absolutely HATE to mime and have done similar stuff before, e.g. when newborn was released matt did a bit of dancing during his 'piano' part lol.

anyhoo this is sooo funny i had to share :)

Just let non muse people know they have on switched places - the lead singer is 'playing' the drums with the bass playing the piano and the drummer being 'lead singer' lol

even if your not a muse fan have a look!

Excellent Posts to Read

While wondering around the blogosphere i came across some very interesting posts, first by Harriet Evans of the Guardian - Don't Patronise Popular Fiction by women . Harriet poses some interesting questions about reading trends, and how - although women are the biggest group who buys and reads book - books written by women are labelled and often judged as 'chicklit' or sort of like Jane Austen (i'm guilty of doing this myself). Definitely give this a read.

Similarly The Rejectionist does a book review of 'Shiver' - a book on my TBR list, and addresses bigger issue which currently faces paranormal YA writing - Misogynistic writing.

Although i read these books and have enjoyed Twilight, i highly recommend people read this post - it has been something which has been brewing in the back of my mind since i read Breaking Dawn.

But our dislike of Shiver served only to remind us of a certain displeasure we have been feeling lately with young adult fiction in general and YA aimed at teenage girls in particular; namely, the Enfeebled Heroine.
There is a particularly misogynist school of romance critique which we are not interested in espousing. . . What we are heartily sick of, however, are feeble and inept teenage-girl main characters, whose lives come into focus only through the addition of some melodramatic attraction to a charismatic male figure who seems to carry all the personality in the relationship.

So all we can say is: KNOCK IT OFF. Knock off buying this shit, and knock off cranking it out. It is tough enough being a lady in this world, Author-friends, without having it hammered into our goddamn heads that we're STILL supposed to sit tight, shut up, and look pretty. We are NOT HAVING IT. If anybody around here gets to be a werewolf, it's gonna be US. And we will eat you right up, believe it.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Muse and Graduation

So Nov 6th came around - MUSE were amazing as always!

Granted got slightly crushed by aran jumper wearing cider smelling galway girl and friends, but stangely got some help - not from a prince on a white steed - but a scanger in white tracksuit. But probably best not to judge my helper, especially when it saves you from having your ribs broken against a steel barrier.

Anyhoo, fun was had and new tour tshirt was bought! Muse even played 'unintended' for us old fans, sad that no one but myself and my friend knew the words. . .

So onto Monday, twas graduation. Got my award and piece of paper.

Lots of fun was had afterwards, headed to Dicey's and then of course onto that fine 'classy' establishment that is Copper faced Jacks!

Shall go now and work on proposal - fun fun fun

Heres some Muse to eep you going :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Worried. . .

Ok, with my procrastinating ways and nasty computer viruses i've been redrafting my phd proposal for almost a month. Oh God, i know i'm taking way to long to do it and its not even up to scratch. Now i'm worried that

a] my department will be wondering if i'm always like this and if it was a mistake to take me on


b] The money will be gone by the time i submit this and get an interview (aka grilling).

Why is it taking me so long to do!?!?!


anyhoo in related news i'm graduating next monday - i'm hoping to have this draft sent to my supervisors by Sunday (God/whoever willing) as i really really don't want this hanging over my head graduation night - i wish to be appletinised the whole night and next day - YaY!

Of course in typical 'me' style i'm heading to MUSE tomorrow so i won't be getting much done Friday - i will be in off mode though so i can truly have my spiritual experience that is muse live. lol.

Can't wait to see them again, i think this will be my 5-6th time to see them live now and i've never ever been disappointed. I definitely think i'll enjoy myself more though during this concert as *brag mode on* last time i was nervous as a kitten cause i got to meet them after the show.

*dreamy sigh*

Good times.

hmmmm. . . what was i worried about again? lol

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Still working . . .

on the proposal.

Krusty understands my fed-upidness!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Twilight - Wow

So many of you may not know, but once upon a time i was a HUGE (closet) fan of Twilight. I say closet fan because back in 2006/7 - no one outside the U.S. (and especially not in UK/Ireland) had heard of a vampire called Edward. I seriously believe i was the only irish person who was a 'fan' at this time - my little guilty pleasure.

So, i wandered into my local Easons - saw the book and bought the book.

So with recent explosion, i've been looking back on my books, specifically this one - which is now considered 'rare'.

I might be wrong, but i believe the one i have is actually a uk first edition softback.

and of course when SM came to Dublin in 2008 (i think) i got it autographed.

It now sits on my shelf, all dusty.

Then i saw this page - first edition, hardback - but no autograph. £599.

God i'm glad i never throw anything out lol.

Maybe someday - i will be a millionnaire lol.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A little Note on Talent

Nathan Bransford has asked the infamous question: how do you know if you have talent?

I often think about this question, because i often think i don't.

As one commenter stated, talent comes in two forms - writing and storytelling. Perhaps i can string some words together but can i keep an audience captivated? I honestly don't know.

So, i came across this comment which really struck me, (so much so i'm posting it here)

"I have no idea whether I have talent or not. I have no idea if I'll be published or not. Since these are things I cannot control (well, not completely anyway), I've decided not to worry about them anymore.

Instead I'm going to write my first book and see how it turns out. Then I'll write a second book and see how it turns out. Hopefully more (and better) books will follow.

When I have a novel that I feel is publishable, I'll polish it up as much as possible and send it out into the world and see how it fares"
Definitely something i need to keep reminding myself!

Reminder: Halloween Competition!!!

Hey all,

Just a little reminder that over on the writer's chronicle forum/blog we're going Halloween mad, and are offering three halloween themed sur/prizes! All you have to do is click here and leave a comment to be entered!

There will be a grand first prize, second prize and third prize!!

Winners will be announced on the 31st of October!

Now the theme of the prize is obviously going to be all things spooky, but will also include abit of an irish spin to it!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More Viruses anmd Jazz

My computer got hit by a supervirus friday! It pretended it was anti-virus software (luckily i coped this and didn't download) but it still infected my laptop, even when its offline so strong liklihood it will be wiped. le sigh!

Happier news, i had an amazing weekend at the cork jazz festival - saw little jazz to be honest but had some great craic with my friends! Atmosphere was brilliant, music was brilliant and of course the cork people were brilliant (as always :) )

Go rebel county!

Friday, October 23, 2009

42 Essential Third Act Twists

Dear God, i'm drooling . . .

Source: Dresden Codak

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Stalking in Seattle?

Ok this is a bit of a rant about Sleepless in Seattle - disregard as tis only my contrary opinion :)

Ok, so i've watched this film a couple of times - i'm nota 'chickflick' sort of girl, but when the mood strikes and something is on tv, who am i to argue?

So, i'm sitting down, and sleepless in Seattle starts . . .

Basically, a man loses his wife. Man misses wife. Son worries about dad.

Grand, ok i get this.

Woman marrying man. man right on paper. Woman begins to worry about Magic.

Ok dokey, fair enough, i'm still holding on

Woman hears radio show. Woman decides to write. wait no, stalk said man. in Seattle.

Woman watches man. from afar. pining.

Woman returns. Woman is in denial. Woman eventually breaks up with Walter.

Boy decides to fly to NY to meet stalking woman. He has never meet woman. He has only her (one) letter.

Woman and man meet after boy runs away. Hold Hands. Lovey dovey. Happy ending!?!?!?!

Eh ok, this is where i'm watching the credits going What?!?! Seriously, this film could have turned out a whoooole lot differently - i'm thinking restraining orders, stalking and and psycho ala Hitchcock background music!

The characters have never said a word to each other apart from 'hello' - yet they 'knew' they love each other?! this stretches the concept of 'love at first sight/voice' a tad?

God, this is why i don't write romance, i'm just too heartless for the genre lol.


Think i shall go watch the BBC pride and prejudice boxset now. . .

Monday, October 19, 2009

I love windy weather . . .

thought i'd share that thought lol

Source: Jackie Hunt

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Ok, Halloween is almost here ( i absolutely LOVE this holiday) so to celebrate the Writer's Chronicle forum and blog are going to have a competition for some spooky prizes!!

There will be a grand first prize, second prize and third prize!!

Winners will be announced on the 31st of October!

All you have to do to enter is drop on over to the Writer's Chronicle Blog and leave a comment!

Should be fun!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Chronic Writer's Block

So, after approximately 6 or more months of writing - absolutely NOTHING. I have finally come to the conclusion (albeit very slowly) that i must have writers block!
Audience : DUH!

i am a tad slow on the uptake - i know! but finally the penny has dropped! Funnily i dont know why this hasnt occured to me before, im a terrible hypochondriac (you think the opportunity of self-diagnosis would be jumped on!) but after two going on three months out of university, i dont think i can blame university for sucking up my writing juices!

After spending the past hour staring at a blank screen, trying to rewrite some mumbo-jumbo short story of purple prose i wrote an age ago, nothing is happening. . .

So yeah, WB - joy!

So anyhoo, does anyone know any cures for WB? Apart from the obvious holy water and garlic?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Its been a while since i did a whingey post!

Been working on my phd proposal - definitely not coming together! AND i've gone past the 'due date' we agreed for the 'finished' draft (i'm currently on the first draft)!!!


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Puffin Classics Makeover

So i was recently in a bookshop, and wandered over to the 'classics children' section. As a kid i read alot but often these books were from the library - so i've fancied (when i had money -which i still don't have) i'd add to my jaded adult book collection with some children classics.

You can imagine my delight when i saw the new Puffin Classic covers for my all time favourite stories!!! Aren't the absolutely beautiful!?!?!

AND they also have spanking brand new intro by authors like Meg Rosoff, and Sophie Dahl (Roald's graddaughter)

Another thing to add to my wishlist lol.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Only in Ireland . . .

Only in Ireland would a herd of 6 Llamas escape and run loose on one of the countries busiest roads and roundabouts, aptly named 'The Red Cow Roundabout' causing huge delays for commuters while gardai (police) tried to round them up.

So we have Llamas, Red cow roundabout, and Gardai . . .

There must be a joke in this somewhere!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


So, with my masters and now pending phd, my (fiction) writing and poetry has taken a backseat and i've gotten fed up with myself and my procrastinating ways.

Often i feel too tired to write AND for the past 6 months i've had awful mind-numbing soul sucking writers block, which hasn't gone away.

I've tried 'the break' thing - and that hasn't worked so now i'm going to be proactive!


Basically i'm big about goals/aims/plans and small on the details, and the actual grunt work!! So, i'm going to do a little and often strategy.

A short story a month (12):

1st week - 1st draft
2nd week - building up characters etc.
3rd week - 2nd draft
4th week - edit, polish, post on AW for feedback.

A Poem a week (52):

Starting on the 1st of November!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Competition: Book Bundle

We're having a contest over on the book bundle, we're you've the chance to win a free copy of Tom Holland's 'The Vampyre: the secret history of Lord Byron'

From the back cover:

"I have written my memoirs - but omitted all the really consequential and important parts - from deference to the dead - to the living - and to those who must be both"
- Lord Byron, Detached Thoughts

What was the deadly secret that haunted the writings of Lord Byron, that most brilliant and notorious or romantic poets? Tom Holland, in this dazzlingly crafted blend of fact and fiction, offers a truly terrifying answer. Impeccably researched, vividly imagine, The Vampyre i gothic fiction at its most atmospheric, allusive and thought-provoking. As Byron himself pointed out: truth is stranger than fiction.

So drop on over to the book bundle, look at our competition and enter - its so easy!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mysteries of the Second Hand Books.

I know some people who wouldn't dream of buying a second hand book, to be honest i can't really understand that mentality! Although i love the smell of new books etc. i equally i love second hand books cause often they have a history (and well they're cheaper too).

For instance, I remember sitting in the University Library in my first year of college, reading Popper's book on falsifibility (a very wornout torn edition with lots of underlining) when i saw a 'conversation' in the margins which went on for several pages - i found it was brilliant, although it was all mundane - i could imagine these two people writing together in the margins - and then near the end of this conversation - another writer (written at a later date) chimed in, thanking them for the entertaining break from Popper. I was very tempted to add similar sentiments, because although it was all written at different times - we were all bonding over popper!

Similarly i remember finding the title of one of my favourite muse songs in one of the toilets in university, i wrote the next lyric underneath. few days latter i returned to the same cubicle - and the next lyric of the song was written. this continued for a while till someone bleeched the writing away, but it was such mad fun, because i'd often be wondering who my fellow muser was (i'd say i sound insane i know).

Apart from my vandalising ways and back to the point of this post, theres an excellent bookshop in Dublin called chapters - which offers both used and new books. I love wandering the shelves of the second hand section cause you really don't know what you might happen on. . .

So, a few days ago i was wondering the poetry section and found two volumnes (nice and thick) of poetry - i bought them for an amazing price and went on my merry way. Sitting on the train i opened them both and realised that these two very different poetry books (one '1000poems' and the other post-modern) both had inscriptions.

The '1000 poems' one is the most intriquing though - its not a 'happy birthday' note but a very personal christmas note - asking the reciever to love themselves and to think of the person who wrote the note everytime the open the book. Its signed but the person its meant for is never named. all the top says is 'Dublin, '98 and the signed name is definitely not irish and the written english is slightly broken.
Then on the next page a poem is written 'the spirit singer' by Mark Collins in the same hand writing with sections underlined for emphasis.

Of course my imagination goes into overdrive, imagining that she had broken up with this boy who needed to be reassured, or maybe it was for a friend who was depressed? Between the wording of the note and the poem itself, it was aimed at trying to help someone through a difficult patch. Looking at the poem, definitely it must be to a lover, with "drifting forth as one we lay" underlined, i imagine that maybe shes returning home and leaving someone behind this as a token? The poem is written on the title page - and she has crossed the last 0 out so it now says 1001 poems.

So, i've just googled 'Mark Collins' and 'The Spirit Singer' - and theres nothing. No poet named Mark Collins either, which means that Mark might be the person this is addressed to and maybe an aspiring poet back in 1998? Its a beautiful poem, i hope he hasn't given up on poetry if this is the case.

The second inscription is interesting as well, dated Christmans 2008. From a 'two time winner of the ''poetry aloud'' competition (which after google is a secondary school competition in ireland for spoken poetry). Its says 'we're never to old for poems or fudge magnets - enjoy these words of sense'. I think the poetry aloud competition is quite new - and the handwriting is definitely an adults. Googled - found nothing so maybe its ironical?

aw enough Nancy Drew - i'm meant to be working on my proposal and here i am procrastinating precious time away!!

Personally though i'd love a present that was so personal and loving (and a good read). Yet, how does something so meaningful and touching end up in a second hand book shop?? Maybe i'm way too sentimental, but even if i fell out without someone i think i would hold onto it (or at least black it out before reselling).

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Coldplay: the hardest part

Absolutely hilarious moment at the gig, first when Chris martin skits Westlife (irish boyband) and then of course the mom moment lol. Hard to hear the girl scream CHRIS!! but i was on other side of the gig and i could hear her lol.


Lines written on a Seat on the Grand Canal, Dublin by Patrick Kavanagh

'Erected to the memory of Mrs. Dermot O'Brien'

O commemorate me where there is water,
Canal water, preferably, so stilly
Greeny at the heart of summer. Brother
Commemorate me thus beautifully
Where by a lock niagarously roars
The falls for those who sit in the tremendous silence
Of mid-July. No one will speak in prose
Who finds his way to these Parnassian islands.
A swan goes by head low with many apologies,
Fantastic light looks through the eyes of bridges -
And look! a barge comes bringing from Athy
And other far-flung towns mythologies.
O commemorate me with no hero-courageous
Tomb - just a canal-bank seat for the passer-by.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Luas and Bus Collide in Dublin

I take the luas everyday, luckily i took an earlier one today!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Went to Coldplay yesterday and it was an amazing gig! Chris Martin even said we were the best audience they had for the whole tour (156 out of 159 gigs). The whole crowd (30,000) were belting out the songs. It was really good!

There was great reactions for Yellow - and they had this sort of x-factor/irish idol thing (i don't know if they did that for the other gigs). The stage was amazing and of course they did a 'b-side of theirs' which was 'Billie Jean'.

As well as the fireworks and UV butterflies, it was a great night. I'm going to post youtube videos as soon as they are posted to give you an idea of the craic that was had!

I especially loved it when Chris was starting whiteshadows (i think) with piano melody anfd someone shrieked "CHRIS!!" and he stopped and said "what - god you sounded just like my mother there" very funny!

And of course most importantly - it did not rain!!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

New Year Resolutions - Pagan Style

So i've come up with some decent new year resolutions . . .

but yes, new years is a long way off . . .

Aha! Not if you're a 1000 year old celtic pagan who believed the new year eve = halloween or should i say 'Samhain'.

So these are my Oiche Samhain (Halloween Resolutions) for the following five years.

100 poems : 25 Published - 5 per year published

25 shorts: 5 published - 1 per year

5 novels: 1 published - over 5 years

Basically the above nonsense means that over the next five years i want to have written 100 decent poems, 25 decent shorts and 5 decent novels - with the aim of getting 25, 5, 1 respectively published.

Sounds utterly stupid?

aw thats me all over :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Debut Authors?!?!?!?

So, over on the Writer's Chronicle Forum, we've started a 'debut authors' thread.

Diana asked a great question about whether you would buy a 'debut novel' or not, or would you wait till your got recommendations? and where does that leave the debut author and their sales (and space on the bookshelf).

If your a debut novelist with a book coming out, please drop in and let us know what you think? or how are your finding 'getting the word out' about your book?

and it also got me thinking (and maybe someone can help me?) is there a place (like goodreads) which has a list of all debut novels coming out in the coming year that say a curious cat might wander?

Award : Lemonade Stand

Thank you very much to the lovely Diana Paz who gave this blog this amazing award!! Check out her wonderful new blog!

Now that my blog has been nominated I'm set with the task of nominating ten other worthy recipients...

As the plot thickens
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A Novel Adventure
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Here are the rules:~Put the Lemonade Award logo on your blog or post.~Nominate at least 10 blogs that show great attitude or gratitude.~Link your nominees within your post.~Let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their blog.~Share the love and link to the person from whom you received the award.

Thanks everyone who's following or reading Writing Roller Coasters! I hope you're having fun!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Book Bundle Interview & Writer's Forum

Hey all,

just wanted to let you all know that we've done our first author interview, with Bosley Gravel over on the book bundle. Some great insights shared as well an amazing title!

Also i want to shamelessly beg you all to pop on over to the writers chronicle forum if your not a member. We've given it a serious makeover, and now have a blog and website (still under construction) too.

Heres a taste of our new look!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Guidelines & opportunities

So, ladies and gents if anyone is interested in the basics challenge (and excellent one for writers!) please drop by and have a gander of the guidelines which i've just posted for the challenge.

Also i've a bit of good news, i went for an interview in my university on monday for a job in the department and it took an very unexpected turn when i was offered a phd!!! (pending funding) so now i'll be working on my research proposal for the next month and *fingers crossed* i'll get the funding and be a student for another 3 years!


thought i'd share :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Basic Challenge: Fantasy List

Ok So here is my fantasy basic list - a combination of recomendations and the 'best of' lists. Most of these are part of a series - (which i'll also read). Some of those listed i've read before when i was much younger so i plan to reread them.

SF and historical fiction list to come soon (I'm a masochist i know)

  1. The Swan's War, Sean Russell
  2. Elantris, Brandon Sanderson
  3. Lord of the Rings, JRR Tolkien
  4. Earthsea Series, Ursula Le Guin
  5. Wheel of Time Series, Robert Jordan
  6. A Game of Thrones, George R.R. Martin
  7. Acacia, David Durhams
  8. The Briar King, Greg Keyes
  9. The Darkness that comes before, R. Scott Bakers
  10. Shadowmarch, Tad Williams
  11. The Malazan Book of the Fallen, Steven Erickson
  12. The Name of the Wind, Patrick Rothfuss
  13. The Farseer Trilogy, Robin Hobbs
  14. Tigana, Guy Gaveriel Kay
  15. The Summer Tress, "
  16. The first Law Trilogy, Joe Abercrombie
  17. The Sun Sword, Michelle West
  18. The Death Gate Cycle, Tracy Hickman & Margaret Weiss
  19. Magician, Raymond E. Feist
  20. Codex Alera, Jim Butcher
  21. The Runelords, Dave Farlands
  22. The Way of Shadows, Brent Weeks
  23. Mythago Wood, Robert Holdstock
  24. American Gods, Neil Gaimen
  25. The Stolen Child, Keith Donohue
  26. Jonathon Strange & Mr. Norrell, Susanna Clarke
  27. His Dark Materials, Philip Pullman
  28. The Chronicles of Narnia, C.S. Lewis
  29. The Abhoreson Trilogy, Garth Nix
  30. The Bartimaeus Trilogy, Jonathon Stroud
  31. Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling
  32. Lies of Lock Lamora, Scott Lynch
  33. Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, Stephen R Donaldson,
  34. The Sword of Shadows, J.V. Jones
  35. Memory, Sorrow, Thorn, Tad Williams
  36. The Dragon CrownWar Cycle, Micheal A. Stackpole
  37. ShadowMarch, "
  38. Empire Trilogy, Feist & Janny Wurts
  39. The DarkTower, Stephen King
  40. Dresden Files, Jim Butcher
  41. Amber Chronicles, Roger Zelazny
  42. The cold Fire Trilogy, C.S. Friedman
  43. Riddle of Stars, Patricia A. McKillip
  44. Godless World Trilogy, Brian Ruckley,
  45. Boreal Moon Trilogy, Julia May
  46. Crown of Stars Trilogy, Kate Elliot
  47. Oath of Empire Saga, Thomas Harlan
  48. Mistborn, Brandon Sanderson
  49. Furies of Calderon, Jim Butcher
  50. Liveship Traders, Robin Hobb
  51. The Sevenwater Trilogy, Juliet Marillier
  52. Kushiels Dart, Jacqueline Carey
  53. The Lions of al Rassan, Guy G Kay
  54. Archangel, Sharon Shinn
  55. Exiles, Melini Rawn
  56. Dragon and the phoenix, Joanne Bertin
  57. Dragon Prince Trilogy, Melini Rawn
  58. Rhapsody, Elizabeth Haydon
  59. The Second Sons, Jennifer Fallon
  60. Tales of the Otori, Lian Hearn
  61. A Song for Abalion, Steven Lawhead
  62. Rise of Moontide & Magic, Sean Russell
  63. The Light Age, Ian McDonald
  64. The Amtrack Wars, Patrick Tilley
  65. Sword-Dancer, Jennifer Roberson
  66. The Sword, Ring & Chalice, Deborah Chester
  67. The Initiate Brother, Sean Russell
  68. Talion, Revenant, Micheal A. Stackpole
  69. A Curse of Chalion, Lois BuJold
  70. The light ages, Ian R. MacLeod
  71. Vampire Earth, EE Knight
  72. Ascendents of Astoria, James Barclay
  73. Black Jewel, Anne Bishop
  74. God's Demon, Wayne Barlow
  75. Legend, David Gemmell
  76. Nation, Terry Pratchet
  77. The Magicians, Lev Grossman
  78. Obernewtyn Chronicles, Isobelle Carmody
  79. The Disc World Series, Terry Pratchet
  80. The Dark is Rising, Susan Cooper
  81. Incarnations of immortality, Piers Anthony
  82. The Axis Ttrilogy, Sara Douglass
  83. The Never ending story, Micheal Ende
  84. Magic Kingdom of Landover, Terry Brooks
  85. Dead Until Dark, Charlainne Harris
  86. The Belgaird Series, David Eddings
  87. The Sword of Truth, Terry Goodkind
  88. Dracula, Bram Stoker
  89. A Wrinkle in Time, Madeleine L'Engle
  90. The Princess Bride, William Goldman
  91. Sophies World, Jostein Gaarder
  92. Shannara Trilogy, Terry Brooks
  93. InkHeart, Cornelia Funke,
  94. Interview with a Vampire, Anne Rice
  95. Animal Farm, George Orwell
  96. Ella Enchanted, Gail Levine
  97. Life of Pi, Yann Martel
  98. The Lovely Bones, Alice Sebold
  99. The last unicorn, Peter S. Beagle
  100. Something wicked this way comes, Ray Bradbury
  101. The Mists of Avalon, Marion Bradley
  102. Chronicle of Raven, James Barclay
  103. DragonRiders of Pern, Anne McCaffrey
  104. The Song of the Lioness, tamora Pierce
  105. The Eyre Affair, Jasper Fforde

Complied from : 100 best fantasy book list and this excellent website The Best fantasy Books

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Basics Challenge Update

So there has been a bit of interest about the basics challenge so i've set up the blog. Please drop by! If you want to join the challenge email me at

I'm still working on my list but i've made some badges/logos if people would like to use them

I'm currently going to post my progress/list etc. here soon! Email me if your interested in Joining!!

Here are some Badges to add to your blog!

185 x 150
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